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There are many possible causes of dry eyes. Long hours spent staring at a computer screen at work and other changing living conditions contribute to the symptoms associated with dry eyes. Allergies, cosmetics, metabolic and cardiovascular diseases as well as preservatives can also cause dryness of the eyes or can exacerbate the symptoms.

Dryness of the eyes is one of the conditions most commonly reported by patients. We will conduct precise measurement of the tear film and an account of the meibomian glands to find out what causes the dry eye. The individually adjusted treatment method is chosen according to the findings of these examinations. We use individual therapy to address the cause of the dry eye. Individual treatment methods yield quick results and marked improvement of vision.

Treatment of dry eyes

Our treatment includes an intensive and detailed initial interview to clarify all the details. We offer effective individual solutions to alleviate discomfort and to improve the symptoms in the long term.

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